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Thinking About an Email Newsletter to Advertise Business?

Are you looking to introduce an insurance email marketing program in your agency? If so, you’re not alone; one recent report found that most agencies surveyed advertise their products and services in this manner, finding that it is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to produce leads. Thus, it’s no wonder that companies spent more than $1.5 billion to reach prospects this way in 2011, an amount that is expected to nearly double by 2016. However, with this powerful tool comes great responsibility, as consumers are becoming increasingly selective about whom they share their e-addresses with. If they’ve entrusted this information with you, use it wisely when you harness it to communicate with prospects and customers, such as via an e-newsletter. Here’s something to think about:

Make it simple to subscribe. Create a simple signup form on your agency’s homepage, blog, or social media site (such as Facebook). You could solicit names and birthdays (in exchange for a special offer or gift) or invite readers to join groups, but limit the number of required fields as too many are a turnoff to viewers.

Set some expectations. Let readers know your plans to send them daily tips, deals, weekly updates, and so on, so they will know what kind of information to expect from you and how frequently to expect it. This way they can decide whether they want to be on the receiving end or not, and won’t be surprised (or annoyed) when subsequent messages arrive.

Generate a welcome message. A quick note will remind people why they’re on your list and reassure them there membership has its benefits. Underscore this by offering new subscribers a special offer or exclusive content, as your way of thanking them for their loyalty.

Publish regularly. Once you’ve established a newsletter, remain committed to a regular publishing calendar and encourage readers to become accustomed to hearing from you. If there’s a months’ long gap between issues, your readers may forget about you and may be more likely to delete the next message from you down the road, or send future messages to the dreaded spam folder.

Read your own content. The power of an insurance email marketing message is diluted if it is full of typographical errors, fragments, misspellings, or incorrect usage of words. Once the content has been delivered, it’s too late to go back and correct errors. Take time to edit and proofread content; you’ll be glad you did.