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Protect Your Freight Company Against Growing Cyber Threats

Is your cargo based company protected against the increasingly prevalent cyber threat? Since damaged and lost cargo is one of the top risks involved in transporting freight, often companies lose sight of even bigger risks to their electronic systems. Many cargo liability insurance programs specifically cover issues and lost profits due to electronic hijacking, and it is highly recommend that you consider these options.


Potential Breaches and Damage

Most modern cargo ships are susceptible to some sort of security breach, and there are a number of techniques that hackers use to steal both information and physical goods. Pirates have been suspected of using GPS and other weaknesses to track and board ships and take their cargo. Additionally, drug smugglers have used tracking systems to hide from authorities and ultimately profit from trafficking. Hackers have also been known to shut down systems and operations stalling all productivity.


Finding the Right Insurance

You cannot assume that these instances are included in traditional insurance plans. In fact, many plans come with an exclusion clause that specifically eliminates protection in the event of a cyber attack. Additionally, it is unclear if these events are included in plans that don’t include a direct clause. Instead, you want to make sure to look for cargo liability insurance programs that outline coverage in the event of cyber problems. These instances are growing rapidly, and you want to make sure to look at plans that protect your cargo and business.



Insurance Agents E&O Basics

Insurance agents errors & omissions insurance might seem like a no-brainer. After all, as an insurance agent, you know the importance of insurance. However, you may be surprised to learn that many agents just don’t consider the need for insurance agents E&O. Don’t be like them and forego this important coverage. Take a moment to learn a bit more about it, so you understand why it is needed.

Protection for Mistakes

The basic idea behind E&O is to protect you when mistakes are made. You are human, and every human makes mistakes no matter how careful they are. You simply cannot prevent every possible mistake that can occur. You may be really good at your job, but sometimes oversights happen, wrong things are typed in or something important is left out.

E&O also is there when a client is just not on the same page as you. People disagree and see things from different points of view. It doesn’t matter how well you have done your job if a client is dead set against you. This can lead to issues, and you need that insurance protection.

What It Offers

Insurance agents E&O protects you when a client files a claim against you for negligence. The insurance will help pay for defense costs, and if you are found liable, it may help pay for damages and to protect you against further issues that can arise. There may also be coverage available for high risk situations and for other situations, like innocent insured coverage, insolvency coverage, and bodily injury and property damage.


Top 3 Reasons You Need Factory Insurance

There are a variety of insurance types for those in manufacturing. It’s important to protect your assets and minimize your liabilities. Factory insurance can help you manage these three common manufacturer risks:

1. Production Interruption

Anything that negatively affects or reduces your productivity is a waste of your company’s time, money, and resources. This includes sources of significant wear and tear, or anything that contributes to an electrical or mechanical breakdown. When selecting coverage’s, ask about your options for protecting against losses from production interruption.

2. Property Loss

Through best practices and policies, accidents can be minimized. However, they do still occur. Potential causes may include:

• Extreme weather or natural disasters
• Explosions or fire
• Vehicle impact
• Water leakage
• Vandalism

Factory insurance may not prevent accidental damage, but it can ensure that your losses are restored, so that you can get back to business.

3. Security Breaches

Not every loss is hauled away by a cleanup crew with a truck. It’s unfortunate, but scenarios like corporate theft and cyber-crime can be just as detrimental to your company, even if they aren’t as readily apparent. Financial injury need to be covered, as well as any physical destruction resulting from perpetrated crimes on company grounds.

Factoring in Everything

Damages come in many forms and varying degrees of severity. Factory insurance is the best way to put measures in place for your business’s protection and success.

Expand Beyond the Basics of Your Uniform Rental Insurance Plan

Every rental operation comes with a large risk of profit loss due to uniforms becoming damaged. Most standard insurance plans such as general liability, boiler and machinery or property coverage do not account for these common incidents. Some insurance providers, however, are offering specialized coverage to help protect both small and large operations. Taking the time to explore uniform rental insurance options with added benefits tailored to the daily challenges confronting your establishment can prove to be a prudent investment.


Get Protection for the Mess You Can’t Scrub Away

Cleaning a vast amount of clothing daily so that they may arrive to your clients clean, crisp and in good condition is something that most company owners take for granted. It’s all in a day’s work, after all, but many do not realize that modern solvents constantly run the risk of staining your products instead of cleaning them. Adding pollution liability coverage to your uniform rental insurance plan is an affordable way to protect your business if a tainted cleaning solvent ever enters your doors.


A Unique Policy for an Affordable Rate

Pollution liability coverage helps protect you from the hard profit loss of having to replace a large amount of clothing. Additional benefits include:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Contaminated soil cleanup and removal
  • Property damage

Depending on an outside source for your cleaning chemicals, a product so vital for the well-being of your operation, is a big risk that many do not consider. Uniform rental insurance with added pollution liability can help prepare you for an unexpected event.

What Every Attorney Should Know About Legal Malpractice Insurance

No matter what field of law you work in, you are at risk for being sued for legal malpractice. It happens every day. Being caught without legal malpractice insurance in Austin is a situation that can be very damaging. That is why it is a good idea to become familiar with the insurance and what it can offer you.

Can I Be Sued?

You may be confident in your work and know that you always follow the law to the letter. While that may be true, it won’t protect you against legal malpractice. Legal malpractice is when a client sues you because he or she believe you acted negligently and cost him or her money because of your actions. As you know, all it takes is a claim of something wrong, and you’ll find yourself in court.

How It Protects You

By having legal malpractice insurance, you are able to use it when you get sued. The insurance will help pay for your defense. If you are required to pay damages, the insurance helps with those, too. Insurance can protect you against claims including:

  • Failure to secure witnesses
  • Missing a deadline
  • Case being dismissed due to attorney negligence
  • Not pursuing a case adequately

While it may be hard to believe you will ever be sued for negligence, it happens. When it does, it is much better to be prepared by having legal malpractice insurance in Austin than to be caught without it.


3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Insurance Coverage for Your Business

There are various risks your business faces, so finding a business owner policy in Miami is paramount. This process can get overwhelming, so focus on finding a firm that can help you navigate these waters.

1. In-Depth Risk Assessment

A thorough insurance broker will start by performing an in-depth assessment of your business. This includes examining your day-to-day operational exposures, your employees’ work and the assets you have at risk.

2. Current Insurance Program

A business owner policy in Miami is easy to find but doesn’t always cover everything you need. This can leave gaps in your coverage and expose you to potential lawsuits. Evaluating your current insurance program will show you where you need to add policies or combine coverage to make sure you’re fully protected.

3. Building Your New Insurance Coverage

When your assessment is complete, it’s time to bundle everything into one complete policy. Whether you just need general liability or something specific, such as inland marine coverage, your insurance broker is now able to help you build a policy that fits your specific industry and risks.

Worry-Free Coverage

You have enough on your mind without having to worry about what you will lose if something happens. Ease your worries by finding a business owner policy in Miami that will protect you and your investment from anything that comes your way.

Reducing Risks at Your Small Business

Every business faces risks. Some are more prone to negative, unexpected events than others. While your small business should definitely have an insurance policy in place, preferably one obtained through Daniels Insurance, there are also various ways you can reduce risks on your own.

Be Conscious of Cash Flow

Many small businesses deal with a lot of cash. You want to calculate how much money you generally make and how much you would need should your cash flow become stagnant. A contingency plan should be drawn out where you lay out what expenses you could do without and the minimum number of employees you would need to keep the business running efficiently.

When Anything Changes, Get Insured

Small businesses are constantly in flux. Over time, you may want to open up a second location or move to a larger facility. Any time something changes, even if it seems small, you need to speak with your insurance agency to see if your policy needs to be updated. You do not want to be caught with the wrong kind of insurance or not enough for your current needs.

With the proper precautions, your small business should have no issues thriving. An agent from Daniels Insurance would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and find a policy that works ideally for you.

Do Fast Food Restaurants Need Insurance?

Any place that serves food, whether it is fine dining or fast food, needs to be insured. Restaurant insurance in California needs to be obtained by all business owners who operate a fast food establishment because there are numerous risks you face.

Business Interruption

There are times when you need to shut down operations momentarily to deal with an issue. A pipe may have burst or all your food spoiled. Regardless of the reason, you will lose quite a bit of income, but a comprehensive insurance policy can help you get through this time.

General Liability

This coverage includes slip and fall accidents. An employee or even a customer may spill something that someone else falls on. You may get taken to court, and being insured helps cover some of the legal fees associated with this. Additionally, general liability for restaurants typically includes food poisoning claims. Someone may sue you if it is alleged that they obtained food poisoning from your establishment, but general liability protects you.

All kinds of restaurants face risk. If your fast food place delivers, then you need to get automotive insurance as well. Plenty of companies near you offer restaurant insurance in California, so feel free to browse through your options to find a policy that works best for what you need.

Preventing Your Dog From Biting

Millions of people are bitten by dogs every year. Each bite ranges in severity, and while having dog bite homeowners insurance can come in handy in these situations, prevention is often more important. Take the following steps to stop your dog from biting altogether.

Recognize When Your Dog Is About to Bite

Dogs are most likely to bite when they are feeling aggressive or scared. If your dog tenses up and stares at something, then it might be getting ready to bite. Dogs also typically bite out of fear. If your dog starts cowering and tucks its tail between its legs, then it may bite because it feels like it cannot escape a frightening scenario.

Have a Professional Train Your Dog

You can take your pooch to the vet in order to see if there is a medical explanation for why your dog is biting either in play or in aggravation. Sometimes a dog just needs to be trained so that it learns not to bite people. Teaching your dog some basic commands such as “Sit” or “Stay” can also be very beneficial in preventing bites.

Sometimes a dog, no matter how well-trained it is, will still bite for no real reason. Having dog bite homeowners insurance is always good to have in your back pocket for these kinds of situations.

Get the Workers’ Compensation You Need Now

New Jersey workers’ compensation insurance can certainly be something of a hassle, particularly if you are a business owner. However, if you want your company to be completely legal and legitimate, the coverage for your employees is nevertheless a necessity. You have probably noticed that, over the last several years, actually finding a carrier that offers the kind of plan you want in your chosen industry has become no simple task. This is because, after the recession, many carriers are still looking for ways in which to become effective and profitable again.

Knowing the Landscape

In an effort to help get these coverage providers back on stable ground, the New Jersey State Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the state governor are working to get measures in place that would help to minimize common workers’ compensation problems such as fraud. However, while these proposed new laws are solid ideas, you likely won’t see the effects of them for some time.

Keep At It

As difficult as it might be for you to locate adequate New Jersey workers’ compensation at this time, it is crucial that you stick with it so that your business can move forward. Keep your eyes open for affordable prices with coverage that accounts for special circumstances in your business’s industry.