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Marine Protection for Californians

Marine Protection for Californians

Do you own a boat or yacht, or work in the marine industry, in California? If you do, you understand the concerns you face with owning and working watercraft. For peace of mind, make sure you, your passengers, your vessel and your workplace are protected with marine insurance in California.

Marine Insurance Coverage Options

When it comes to keeping you safe on the water and working in your craft, marine insurance takes several factors into account. These include the size and type of watercraft, number of drivers, mooring location and the types of risk you face. This insurance can be for the following:

Yachts and boats


Yacht clubs

Boat builders


Boat repairs

No matter what function you fill in the industry, whether it’s as an avid boater or a yacht club owner, marine insurance can keep you covered. Strong winds, trouble on the high seas, liability insurance and property coverage are all possible coverage options. An insurance agent will help you build a policy that reflects your needs and provides the protection you need for your boat, club or work.

Keeping You Safe on the Water Marine insurance in California is here to make sure you are protected when it comes to your boat or workplace. That way, you can enjoy sailing the open seas or building boats with full protection for peace of mind.