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Manufactured Home Insurance for the Underserved

Finding high quality coverage for an older manufactured home can be a challenge. As an insurance provider you want to help your clients get the exact coverage that they need. As an insurance seeker, you want to make sure that you manufactured home insurance in California covers all of your needs. Thankfully, there are some manufactured home insurance experts that independent insurance agents and insurance seekers alike can turn to for a policy.

The Coverage

This type of policy for a manufactured home that is between ten and 20 years old can cover:

  • Seasonal, rental, tenant or owner occupancy.
  • A wide range of values as high as $250,000 or even $400,000.
  • Animal injury liability for any dog breed.
  • Up to eight rental units per policy.
  • Any protection class.
  • Seasonal units including permanently sited travel trailers or park models.
  • Either park or privately owned land.
  • The replacement cost for owner-occupied manufactured homes.

The limitations, coverages and exclusions can vary by state and provider.

Talk with a Professional

If you are interested in this manufactured home insurance in California, you should talk to a professional. Whether you want to provide this insurance to a client or you want the insurance yourself, it is important to work with a company and an agent that know what they are doing so that you can gt the coverage you need.