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Managing Risk at Your Nonprofit Event

When you’re planning a nonprofit event, there is a lot to stay on top of. You need to take active measures to mitigate the risk of unsafe conditions, accidents, and liability exposure.

  1. Screen Your Volunteers

When your nonprofit relies on assistance from volunteers, you have an affirmative duty to exercise reasonable efforts to screen them. Simple background checks can help ensure that you’re bringing in people who will interact safely with your organization’s clients and donors. Source: visvolunteers.com.

  1. Identify Unsafe Conditions

Inspect the premises where you will hold your event with an eye towards potential safety hazards. Keep an eye out for trip hazards such as uneven flooring, loose wires, leaks, and areas that don’t have enough lighting.

  1. Confirm Insurance Coverage

You want to make sure that any potential claims related to your event will fall within the scope of your existing coverage. If you have questions about whether your current policy offers adequate protection for your nonprofit event, talk to an agent while you’re still early in the planning process.

Ultimately, nonprofit event risk management requires careful planning and detail-oriented oversight. In order to direct a safe event, it’s important to review safety precautions with your entire team and assign specific responsibilities to individual team members.