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Managing Pain with Marijuana

Pain comes in all forms, but thankfully so does relief. Whether you prefer smoking, taking an oral supplement or applying a topical ointment, medical marijuana has got your back. (Or your muscles, or your joints or whatever else hurts!)

Topical Ointment

If you have overexerted your muscles or have a headache, topical cream made with THC is an excellent way to relieve soreness. Brands like Synergy are available at your local dispensary (assuming you live in a legal state) and their topical ointments were made for pain. Simply rub it over the affected area and wait for the pain to diminish. For headaches, dab behind the ears and between the eyes.


Tried, tested and true, smoking is the oldest way of feeling the effects of marijuana. Whether it’s rolled into a joint or smoked from glassware, the smoke moves quickly from the lungs into the bloodstream.

Edibles and Oils

If you prefer consuming your medicine in another form, try buying or making edibles. Infused with the same healing properties as a topical ointment, edibles like cookies and brownies take a little longer to be effective. Oils like Synergy drops, however, are meant to be held under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds to quickly enter the bloodstream. The effects are much faster than eating a cookie and waiting two hours to feel the effects.

If you’re in pain, you want fast relief. Marijuana works naturally with your body to get you feeling better soon.