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Key Facts About Employee Benefits Liability Coverage

While most companies provide employee benefits programs, even the most generous packages can sometimes contain omissions that may lead to claims and liabilities. Some employee benefits claim examples include accidentally erasing employee files, discussing plans with non-employees, and failing to enroll an eligible employee. In order to protect yourself and your business, there are a few important facts to understand benefits liability coverage.

Ensure Your Benefits Program Qualifies

Before you can purchase liability coverage, you should ensure that your current benefits program fits requirements. Covered benefits typically include:

Once you’ve identified the benefits you need coverage for, you can begin looking for a policy. Be aware that many policies only provide coverage for claims made during the period you purchase.

Errors Covered May Vary

Because the errors covered by a policy may vary, be sure that your plan will help protect you in areas you need. Administrative mistakes and filing errors are common situations where your company may need help covering damages, for instance.

Even if your company offers a generous employee benefits package, you may still be vulnerable to claims due to errors or omissions. If you’ve looked at some employee benefits claim examples and wondered whether your company could use extra protection, you may want to look into benefits liability coverage. The right plan could give your business the coverage it needs.