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Insurance Needed for Film Production

Because the world of film production is unpredictable and can involve high-risk activity, it is incredibly important to have appropriate film production insurance. Film production insurance protects companies from liability claims which can be incredibly costly, time-consuming and frustrating for all those involved and can even lead to bankruptcy in some situations.

What Insurance Policies are Most Common for Production?

Most film insurance packages will include general liability and workers’ compensation because those are the two most common types of coverage in the film industry. General liability will protect policyholders from any damage or injuries that they may have caused. Workers’ compensation insurance will cover medical costs associated with an employee’s injuries if they were sustained while working on the job. This coverage is incredibly important given the number of employees and varied nature of their job tasks that are necessary for film production. Property damage coverage is also very common coverage in film production, which is because of the high cost of film equipment.

What Other Types of Film Production Insurance is Recommended?

Because no two films are alike and their production needs vary greatly, insurance policies need to be catered to a project’s specific needs. Depending on what you’re filming you may want to consider some of the following options:

Stunt coverage

Animal insurance

Auto liability

Aircraft insurance

Aerial photography

It is a good idea to talk to a risk specialist with a background in film production before deciding on what policy to use.