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Guide to Property and Casualty Coverage

Guide to Property and Casualty Coverage

How much do you know about property and casualty insurance? These common and crucial coverages are necessary whether you own your own property or have a business. Here is what you need to know.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers property loss. There are three different types of property loss. These types include loss or damage to the property, extra expenses incurred due to losing property and loss of income due to the damage or loss of property. Many types of property insurance include:


Commercial property

Inland marine

Ocean marine


Equipment breakdown

Property insurance is crucial. No one wants to think of property loss, but it can happen due to unforeseen circumstances. Fires, natural disasters and vandalism may all be sources of property loss. Most of these are difficult to predict, even with prevention methods.

Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance covers a wide variety of products. One of the most common forms is liability insurance. This coverage handles losses that occur when you interact with others or their property. Casualty insurance may include the following:

Surety bonds



Worker’s compensation

Essentially casualty insurance covers liability based on negligence. There are several areas and industries where this is crucial to have.

When it comes to insurance coverages, property and casualty insurance are crucial coverages. You don’t want to go without either of them.