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Food Spoilage and the Need for Wholesalers Insurance in New Jersey

As a New Jersey wholesaler/distributor, you may be depended on to deliver goods to retailers so they can meet their commitments. But a lot can happen that can prevent you from doing so on time, or even at all, including inventory theft, mechanical breakdown, or food spoilage – just to name a few possible scenarios.

That’s why it’s critical to work with an insurance agency to secure the vital New Jersey wholesalers insurance that you need, and deserve, to protect you in those times that something that is out of your control results in a loss or delay.

In the matter of food spoilage, microorganisms, such as fungi (molds & yeasts), spoilage bacteria, and their enzymes usually cause the spoilage process. As a wholesaler you need to inspect the various food products susceptible to mold issues and remove those items that may become moldy due to aging or other exposures.

It is important to remember that some of the conditions that accelerate spoilage, such as inappropriate temperature and moisture control, also encourage the growth of pathogenic microorganisms that cause food borne illness. Consequently, spoiled food is not just an issue of quality; it is also often a question of food safety.

Mold and yeast can affect a variety of foods

Corn, nuts, breads, meat, cheeses, fruits and vegetables are all affected by mold. Mold forms a network of microscopic strands that extend into the foods, which could cause allergic reactions or illness, so discarding them are the safest option. Deli meats are also subject to the same issues. Yeast can cause discoloration, slime, and odors on sweet, acidic refrigerated foods or jams/jellies.

In the event that spoiled food does reach consumers it is inevitable that they will be traced back to the original provider of the product. Without wholesalers insurance in New Jersey you could find yourself having to defend against a huge lawsuit without the necessary coverage in place.