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Dog Bites: Steps to Immediately Take

It is not something you want to think about, but there is a possibility one day your dog will bite a friend or total stranger. When this occurs, there are some things you want to take care of at the scene, including providing the victim with your dog bite insurance information.

Stay Calm

If you start freaking out, your dog might freak out even more. It is crucial to stay calm and to keep your dog away from the accident.

Determine What Medical Help Is Needed

Depending on the severity of the bite, the affected individual may need advanced medical treatment. Contact an ambulance if that is the case.

Exchange Contact Information

An insurance policy can help cover the victim’s medical expenses. It is always important to offer to pay for any bills incurred from the bite. This may make the victim more likely to forego taking this incident to court, where even greater bills are brought up. It can even be wise to acquire contact information for any witnesses in case you need additional testimony for what exactly went down.

There might be a lot running through your mind if your dog bites someone. However, by keeping a level head, everyone can get through this all right. Maintain peace of mind by having an up-to-date dog bite insurance policy.