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Catering Insurance Resources to Foster Advocacy of the Common Good

Resources for organizations that foster advocacy of the common good deliver a broad spectrum of coverage features for insurance for non profits. Eligible classes, for example, focus on special needs and youth and adult services.


Eligible Classes for Care Providers Insurance Programs


  • Youth Services. Examples include federally funded and regulated early childhood intervention and youth mentoring programs. Other illustrations of instances where resources exist for insurance for non profits are before and after school recreational and educational programs in special needs schools.


  • Adult Services. Myriad programs exist for adult education, GED programs, job training, financial and family counseling, and homeless prevention. In addition, crisis intervention, hospice, food programs, pregnancy testing and counseling, and senior citizen outreach centers are available when assistance is needed.


  • Special Needs. Group homes for the handicapped, workshops, and vocational training all play an active role in providing care and support for those with special needs. Likewise, residential treatment centers, therapeutic care, and foster family based treatment all offer assistance in making life changes. Community centers, including thrift stores, food banks, homeless shelters, and battered women’s shelters all provide temporary help in critical times.


Early intervention programs offer risk management solutions for all kinds of social service and non-profit organizations. Strategies and solutions for insurance for non profits and social service sectors facilitate utilizing the tools required to mitigate risks for eligible classes and foster advocacy of the common good.


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