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3 Marketing Ideas That are Practically Free

Many small businesses worry that they don’t have the funds for a strong marketing campaign, and as a result, don’t make the effort to move their marketing strategy forward at all. Contrary to what these business owners think, you don’t need a lot of money when looking at marketing for a small business. Here’s your guide to marketing tactics on a limited budget.

Social Networking Sites

There are several networking sites that allow you to create a free profile or page, but that’s not enough to attract new customers. You need great content. Creating it yourself saves money, but working with a freelancer that specializes in content writing is an expense worth taking.

Instructional Videos

Though getting a professional YouTube video produces can cost a pretty penny, you can use a friend, film student looking for experience, or a good old iPhone to create some personalized and engaging video content. Create videos that deal with your areas of expertise and bring in guests that lend credibility to your position.

Customer Reviews

You need to leverage the power of peer pressure. Social networking sites, Google reviews, Yelp, and Linked In are just of the few of the places a satisfied customer can leave a comment. Watch out though, since unhappy customers also have the freedom to share. Always respond to whatever content is posted and address any wrongs that were mentioned to beef up your credibility.

These are just a few of the dozens of ways you can improve your marketing strategy on the cheap.